Lauren, dog sitter a Torino

Care, snuggles and love for your irreplaceable dog


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As a past owner of a corgi for 9 years, I have always found myself excited and happy when around other dogs... this excitement allows me to run/play with dogs for an endless amount of time as well as pay close attention the needs of that animal. I love going out and even running. On request, I gladly would love to take your dog out to the park, play frisbee, or even run together! I would currently love to have my own dog but as an American, I go home often and understand an animal has needs. It is for this reason and many others that I understand it wouldn't be fair to have a dog and leave it at home when I have to work, or behind when I must return to America. Therefore, being a dog sitter is also a huge pleasure for myself as I'm not currently able to have my own dog. This, in turn, gives me an added advantage because I am more excited to care for an animal and to give it the love it deserves while its owners are at work or away. If you give me the chance to care for you dog, you will see that your best friend will be taken care of.

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