Monja, dog sitter a Soleto
Su Monja

I grow up with dogs and cats. I'm an animal lover and I have the ability to understand intuitively their way to talk since early age.
Dogs and cats feel spontaneously drawn towards me and feel comfortably as well as safe and happy.
I have had a very special dog in my Life.
He was a big size kinda sort of Wolf. That was a real true friendship. He was wild but respected me and followed me wherever. Actually he protected me. He loved to sit in the car and go around with me and we were a lot in nature together, walkiing playing or just being. I found him as he was little but he was a freespirit, and very smart. Actualy all animals are freespirits. I'm grateful for that time and miss him a lot. I've had also 4-5 cats in my lifetime till now. I love cats.
Wherever I go I find always animals. They always respect me as I respect them and I see them as part of my Life which have a special Value to me.
With me they every animal can have an amazing time with relax, fun and a lot of cuddling.

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