Romi, dog sitter a Rome

Sportive Dutch girl that is a big dog lover!


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I am person that loves animals sinds I am a young girl. My first pet was a rabbit, after when I became older my parents bought a dog. He was a english cocker spaniel and his name was Sam. I loved him since the first day and he was like my little brother. He came with us on vacation every summer. Unfortunately he died when he was 8 years old. He had cancer and the doctor couldn't save him. It was a big lost for me and my family and it was a difficult period for us. After we didn't bought another dog because my parents changed work and there was not enough time to take care of a dog. Since that time I miss it a lot! I live right now with my boyfriend in Rome and I would love to buy for us a dog but we can't in this moment. This is on of the reasons why I would like be a dog sitter. My love for dogs is really big and I have a lot of free time. I also like to walk. Almost every morning I go outside to walk for around 1/2 hours to stay active. Most of the time I do this in Villa Borghese. I would like to bring a dog with me so I have some company and I think this park is a really good place for the dog. It's my favorit part of the day.

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