Taking a dog out giving them candy and biscuits.


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My experience with dog has been from childhood when growing up with pets and also taking care people's pets and babysitting have experience for 5 years taking care of dogs that like my friends and family I care for them it's my family too clean shower and walk is important to me to see that if a dog is happy or a pet store puppy is happy when is around me because you know what if you don't understand he needs that like kids they're like family so he's important to me taking the dog out caring for her or his candy when you do well and understanding their money because they also understand the human mind so is important to show them love and care which is very important to me. Tiffany.com for me to take them for medical check-up call tassy evening need a shower it would be a pleasure to give them my best knowing the right food they like to eat is important the kind of brush the thing that makes them happy is important also because the dog or cat is not just a pet is also a family to me. Thank

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