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Fabiana Maria

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I've always loved animals since I was a child.
When my family and I have moved into a bigger house, we increased our family (which was already numerous).

We were four humans and two turtles, now becoming five turtles (humans, always four :-D) and a 4 years old dog, Minù. Turtles' names are, in their arrival's order: Pina, Berto, Camille, Jean-Baptiste, Camillino. They really get on well with each other, Minù is always curious about turtles, she often sniffs their bottoms, we don't know why.

I'm accostumed to deal with animals, I think of them as an important part of the family.

In Italy I used to run a house with four dogs and three cats: I feed them, gave medicines (no injections), made long walks with them. So I get used to the most chaotic situations :-)

At the moment I cannot host in my own house (unless it's an emergency), but I'm completely available for walks, food, games. I prefer to hear from the owner and make a personal agreement every time, to listen to what he/she needs.

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