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Su Sharada

I am Sharada and my husband is Ram. I am an Indian and my husband is a Canadian. My husband and I love dogs and we have an excellent rapport with them. We treat them as a member of our family. We had dogs as pets before in India and Canada. Now we are students here in Ferrara and we have recently become owners/parents to a Siberian husky female puppy (almost 3 months old). But we have lots of time in the evenings and weekends and would love to spend some time helping other dogs and their owners. We hope that our dog will learn to socialize with other dogs and learn to share space with the guest dogs as she is young and it is a good time for her to learn! We have taken care of 4 different dogs till now. One of them has come to stay with us twice already. Please feel free to contact us and trust us with your dog(s). You can leave them with us and trust that we will take good care of them. we speak english and a bit of italian and french.

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  • Sophie

    Snack è stato benissimo con Sharada e Ram, basta vedere le fotos. Loro sono 2 persone squisite che dedicano il loro tempo a chi non vuole rinunciare a una vacanza col cane. Abbiamo scoperto che ogni weekend trascorrono del tempo al canile di Ferrara. Gli raccomandiamo!

    4º Giugno 2016
    Sharada, dog sitter a Ferrara

    Dear Sophie, Grazie mille! Thank you so much for your kind words. We are glad we could be of help to you and Snack. If you come to Ferrara again, You are kindly invited to our home and we would love to see you again! Please give Snack a hug on our behalf :)

    4º Giugno 2016

  • Guido

    Abbiamo avuto occasione di servirci di Sharada per il nostro cane; il servizio é stato perfetto, puntuale, estremamente affidabile, e raccomandatissimo.

    26º Dicembre 2015